Hello blog world!

Hello blog world!

We're taking on a fun new adventure with the business and starting a blog! Woo-hoo! It will be used as something fun to document style ideas and tips for you, our lovely customers! As the Claim team is also all about creating and building new in-store and window displays, we will have crafty posts with DIY instructions of our projects, so keep your eye out! 

It's no secret that we are chatters around here, and what better platform to showcase our long-windedness than a blog?! Join the conversation and follow our blog for some behind the scenes action and to meet the personalities and fashion ideas that make up Claim Clothing. We have the pleasure of getting to know all of you as customers every day so here's your chance to get to know us!! :)

Enjoy reading!!


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Get to know the ladies behind Claim, through fun style ideas and behind the scenes adventures.


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