How to Pack for a Trip

How to Pack for a Trip

How to Pack for a Trip

How exciting, you're going on a trip!! There are so many fun things to look forward to until you think of what you have to pack, and that can be stressful. You never know what kind of weather could come about or if you'll end up doing an unexpected activity. Who knows, maybe you'll end up needing that striped tank top you used to love, you know, the one that has been tucked in the back of our closet for months now that you never wear. Packing for vacations gets tricky and puts you in a separation anxiety mindset with those articles of clothing that you wish you wore but never do. It's okay, we've all been there.

Here are some tips on packing for a trip so you don't end up needing that suitcase that is able to fit your whole wardrobe plus the kitchen sink.

1. Roll your clothes. If you're a frequent flyer or find yourself packing your things up on a regular basis, maybe you have discovered this trick. At first I was skeptical that rolling my clothes doesn't save any more room compared to just folding, but it does! Fold your article of clothing in half and then roll it up like you would a sleeping bag. This works nicely for those times where you do need to pack a lot because you can tetris more clothing items in your bag compared to the rectangle shape of your traditionally folded clothes. To save even more space, you can tuck things into your shoes! Maybe just socks or swimwear on this one though, you still want your clothes smelling fresh by the time you reach your destination.

Putting folded clothes into the suitcase limited the amount of items you could pack. After rolling the same four initial pieces, there was room to fit more than twice as much as before! These articles included t-shirts, long sleeves, and 3/4 sleeve tops. 

2. Lay your outfits out. Going back to the separation anxiety....I know it's hard to leave all of your clothes behind, but truth is, you don't need to pack so much. They'll be there for you to wear them when you get back. A great way to not overpack for a trip is to lay your outfits out. Plan what your days will look like and pick an outfit for every occasion. That way you know you'll have something to wear for every day. But go ahead and pack an extra item or two just for safe measure.


3. Utilize the staple items in your closet. These can be shoes, or pants, or a jacket. You can easily match a pair or two of jeans with multiple different shirts and completely change the outfit by adding a kimono or vest. And the best part is, nobody will even know they're the same pants because you've added something super cute to the style! You've made the standout part of your outfit the layering piece which is easily changeable. This eliminates packing so many articles of clothing.

Now you're ready to pack for your next trip with a little more confidence that you packed something for every occasion! Have fun!



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