Rock Those Jeans Girl!

Rock Those Jeans Girl!

Rock Those Jeans Girl!

I could live in jeans and honestly, might have a small obsession with them...anyone else or is that just me?? There are so many different colors and styles and even more ways for jeans to fit your figure, that it makes them feel limiting when trying to pair them with other articles from your closet. This mindset has me thinking I need a new pair of pants for every occasion and that can get me in trouble.

Are you on the other end of the spectrum and feeling like pants can be such a drag sometimes?  Constantly pulling on them, stretching them, jumping up and down and doing the occasional lunge to get into them? Not fun for those who would prefer to wear anything other than jeans. So maybe it's time to get a few different ideas on how to wear jeans so they seem fun and a part of your wardrobe that you look forward to putting on!

One way I get around constantly feeling the urge to splurge on a new pair, is to wear my current pair a different way. If you're in the short girl club like I am, then you are no stranger to rolling or cuffing your pants. The fun thing about doing that, is that they feel like a completely different style of pant! I find myself getting into the routine of immediately cuffing my pants when I put them on like there isn't another option. After awhile that gets boring and I feel like I look the same Not too long ago I was in a rush leaving home, happens more times than I'd like to admit, and just cuffed the bottom of my pants and ran out the door! Once I had settled into where I was going I realized that in my rushing panic, I had rolled my pants on accident and fell in love with the difference and versatility I now felt I had with these pants.

These pants I had always just cuffed and worn my favorite sandals with could now look super cute rolled with some casual sneaks or even booties! Going out of your comfort zone to push your style, I think, is very important and can be really easy to do with the smallest change. Experiment with big cuffed bottoms or try and keep it small. Roll them up haphazardly for a more edgy look even. Pictured below: same pair of pants with big cuff, small cuff, and messy rolled cuff.

And then change the shoes. Oh my the possibilities. Shoes can be the main focus of your outfit and nobody will know you just wore the same perfectly fitting jeans three times in a row. Nobody else does that? Anyways...moving on.  

Make jean wearing something fun to look forward to styling! Rock those jeans girl! Find your favorite way, try new ways. Who knows, you might just discover an awesome new side of your personal style!!

Have fun experimenting!





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