Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Window change here we come because it’s “craft o’clock!” We thought for the bright summer months that huge green tropical leaves would decorate the white walls of the windows perfectly! The inspiration came from all the vibrant green trees and plants that have surrounded us this season….well, and Pinterest.

To get this craft started we used our paper cutting Silhouette Cameo machine to get a variety of leaf shapes and on different shades and texture of green paper.

For a couple days the back room looked like an actual jungle grew from the floor up. Pieces of green butcher paper were laid out on the ground as leaf by leaf got rolled, folded, bent, and then taped to what in the end would be a jungle wall of leaves!

The big leaves were placed first to take up the majority of the space and trying to alternate the different colors and patterns evenly. Once the majority of the big butcher paper was filled, we went back and filled in gaps and did overlays with smaller leaves to make it look as 3D as possible once it was hung on the walls in the window case.

Since our windows are pretty large, we always like to add a little extra detail in the front of the windows to draw more attention to them. For this display we assembled a wooden fence made out of shims. For a more rustic look we broke the shims at different lengths and used a staple gun to attach horizontal shims across the vertical fence posts.

The leaf walls are stapled up, fence anchored down, green grass laid down and just like that we have a new window display!



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